Awards and Achievements


One of our Alumni Nitya Nand Sir, along with his colleague Shanmukh Krishna Srikakolapu, has a startup namely,“TECH MONKS ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS LLP” which has its first branch at Varanasi, and will soon be expanding it and opening other branches all over the country. Under this startup the first product created is “Digital Punch Card”. The “Digital Punch card” is an electronic device which uses a design in the form of bitmap file. The device future gives directions to the power loom machine for the weaving. Earlier, punch card used for the designing of Saree were made manually, which takes a lot of time and hard work. The manual punch card also wear out with time. This evolution helps in saving time, effort and cost for the weavers. The product saves 20 to 25 days per design of saree.


KPMG Global Winner

Disruptive innovation to the mining industry(enable safer and more sustainable extraction)

NAVACHARITAM- Srajan Gupta, Parth Hetamsaria, Varnika Kumari, Sanchit Kumar


1st Position

Bionic Leg(Leg for Disabled)

Inter IIT Tech meet 2k18 (IIT Bombay)

- Pragdheesh Rs, Eric John, Prince Kunal, Anshul Gupta


3rd Position


Hack Fest 2k18

- Asutosh Rout, Neelesh Kumar Yadav, Nishad Mandlik, Sai Ruthvik, Sai Sumanth Kalluri


3rd Position


Hack Fest 2k17

- Asutosh Rout, Neelesh Kumar Yadav, Nishad Mandlik


Top 10 in PanIIT Hackathon

Winner of SIH Internal Hackaton

Epileptic Seizure Detection Device

- Jyothi Swaroop K, Parth Khanna, Suddunuri Sandeep, Sreyans Bohara


1st Position in Ashoka's Tech For Change Challange


Inter IIT Tech meet 2k18 (IIT Roorkee)

- Prakhar Kumar, Kapil Verma, Suyog jadhav


3rd Position

Self Balancing Bike

Hack Fest 2k19

- Akhil Vaidya, Mayank Gupta, Sarthak Panda, Prerak Rawat, Subham

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