“Apna safar, club ke is logo se lekar club ke in logon tak raha”. This single line, which was said by one of my RoboISM batchmates during our last club meet, accurately describes my entire journey with the club. ....Continue

- Nishad Mandlik(2019 Batch)

After joining an engineering college, the first thing that I dreamt was making robots, exploring the automaticity, making machinery to ease human work load, etc. but, when I entered.... Continue

- Aditya Kumar Garg (2023 Batch)

With a theme of “To the moon and back” Concetto’19 not only put the college on skates but also created a hubbub in the city. Of course, it was natural as it was to provide a turf to 300 colleges from all over India to showcase their technical prowess. Before the commencement of the gala the whole .... Continue

- Surya Prakash Mishra (2023 Batch)

A team of some senior members from the Robotics and AI Club organised a workshop at DPS Bokaro on the 19th and 20th January 2018. The workshop covered some basic topics of Manual as well as Autonomous Robotics ..... Continue

- Mayank Gupta (2020 Batch)

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